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Actually, quite a lot.  But it depends on what level you choose.



  • Full and perpetual ownership rights to your word. No one can legally use your word, in speech or print, without your permission (exception: Heads of State during time of war).
  • Listing in the ENS’s International Registry of English Neologisms. Your word will be listed alphabetically, and cross-referenced by your surname (unless anonymity is requested).
  • The right to assign, cede, bequeath, sell, or otherwise transfer your WordRightOnce granted, it’s your property.  ENS must be notified of any ownership change for the transfer to be certified and recorded.
  • Regular Membership in the English Neologia Society.  You’ll have perpetual membership in a great, no-obligation online organization that boosts English and benefits people.
  • Full Access to ENS Online.  Only members can view the Registry, play Lexigency and Alternation, read and contribute to Neoblogia, more.

All rights and privileges stated at left for Regular Level...


  • Your neologism, handsomely framed and personalized. Premium owners receive a Certificate of WordRight Ownership, wood-framed and ready for your home or office wall. Click here to see sample
  • A plastic wallet card embossed with your word and rights. Whip it out at the office, a bar, in church, or wherever you want to ’prove’ that word you just used. Click to see sample
  • Voting Membership in the ENS. In addition to ENS membership rights described at left, you’ll

also select the charities, vote on ENS policies and activities, jury question- able entries, all online, all optional.

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The benefits shown go to the neologism owner; if you give a gift of a WordRight, they will belong to the WordRight holder.

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