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Please read all Rules and Rights prior to applying for WordRight registration.


Neologisms only. Only original words not currently indexed by internationally recognized authorities of the English language will be accepted. The primary authority is the Oxford English Dictionary. Each application is further researched using appropriate secondary resources.

Proper Ownership The ENS does not determine the originator of the neologism, except in cases where author- ship is easy to document. WordRight certification is conferred to the first submitter regardless of whether he or she is the legitimate first user or originator of the term. WordRights can be conferred to persons of any age, living or dead, and to organizations (e.g., “Joe’s Midtown Pizza”) or other entities.

Single words or terms. Do not submit phrases, abbreviations, acronyms that require punctuation or full capitalization (e.g., “Saz” is OK, but “S.A.Z.” is not), terms so long as to be ridiculous (e.g., “reterritallimanderringert”), or unpronounceable letter-combinations (e.g., “ptrwettyue” or “thjffff”).  Existing words altered by the addition or insertion of a prefix or suffix (e.g., slangishmentor “neoslang) are acceptable neologisms, but existing words with new meanings will be rejected. Compound words are acceptable (e.g., “wordslang”) and hyphenated terms (“word-slang”) are also sometimes accepted.  Final decisions about questionable submissions will be determined by the online jury of participating WordRight members.

Dictionary entry required. Your submission must identify: 1) the correct pronunciation of the neologism; 2) the grammatical speech part(s) assigned (i.e., noun, verb, expletive, etc); and 3) the definition(s) desired. A short sentence illustrating proper use of the neologism is also encouraged but not required. Click here for examples. These requirements are easily met, since the application has helpful prompts and guidelines for every step. 


WordRight Ownership.  WordRight approval entitles the holder to the following:

Certified ownership of the neologism. Ownership is exclusive and perpetual. Ownership can be sold, given away, transferred (e.g., to your legal heir), or otherwise conveyed to another person or entity, provided details of the transaction are submitted to the English Neologia Society. A WordRight cannot be divided into fractional ownership.

International registration and publication. WordRight neologisms will be listed alphabetically in ENS’s International Registry of English Neologisms upon certification, and perpetually thereafter. Listings will include the neologism, its pronunciation, form of speech (adverb, expletive, noun, etc), and definition(s), as submitted by the WordRight holder. The date of certification and the name of the legal WordRight owner will complete each listing (name omitted upon request).

WordRight Premium Ownership. In addition to the above rights, those requesting WordRight Premium Level are also entitled to the following:

Personal documentation of ownership. Premium Wordright owners also receive a framed Certificate of WordRight suitable for wall display and a wallet-sized plastic card embossed with the neologism and owner’s name.

Right to modify. For a period of one (1) year after certification, Premium WordRight owners can alter a neologism’s entry in the Registry upon request. No alteration to the word itself is permitted, but its definition, pronunciation, and speech part(s) can be added, deleted, modified, extended, or otherwise altered as desired by the owner.