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How Does It Work?

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The English Neologia Society® has exclusive authority to confer word ownership.  The term “WordRight™” and “WR Circle tiny” symbol, registered with the United States Patent and Trademark office, confirm your exclusive rights to your word.

Applying for a WordRight is easy.  If you already have a neologism in mind, just click here and check whether it’s for you or to be given as a gift.  Then give us the spelling, pronunciation, speech part, and submit!  If you don’t have a word, check the Certificate of Entitlement option to give yourself (or your gift-recipient) a full year to submit a brand-new neologism.

All submissions are thoroughly checked to make sure the word does not already exist, using the most authoritative English language resources available*.  Authentication requires less than 48 hours (notification by e-mail). 

To begin, click here.  Or click the links at left to learn more.

*Our primary authorities for authentication are:

    • Oxford English Dictionary, 3rd Ed. (20 volumes)
    • Medline Medical Terms Dictionary
    • Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th Ed.
    • Computer User High Tech Dictionary
    • E.N.S.’s International Registry of English Neologisms
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